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FET Activity

Chiayi FETs traveled to Changhua to visit the Changhua ETRC and had a pleasant exchange with the Changhua FETs. The two sides shared teaching experiences, curriculum designs and teaching materials. 

During the trip,the organizer arrange teachers to try traditional Taiwanese food, such as oyster omelette, classic oyster fritters, and handmade shrimp rolls for lunch!
After lunch, Chiayi FETs visited Lukang Mazu Temple and Lukang Old Street. 
Teachers happily bought local traditional pastries to share with their school colleagues!

The Chiayi City Government held the unveiling Event "Halloween Chiayou GO 2022 City-wide English Day". The Chiayi City Mayor Huang, Ming Hui and three students jointly started the magic fountain, symbolizing the full launch of the city's English Day. All elementary schools will celebrate Halloween for the whole week. About 120 students and teachers from Chiayi City elementary schools are invited to participate in the unveiling event. On the "Bilingual Adventure", which combines Western festivals and the Chiayi City attractions, the students must pass the tests from 20 foreign teachers by using English to get the "Magic Fountain" box. The event was full of English and happy sounds could be heard from the students, just like being in an English carnival!

Happy Lunar New Year
Astronomy Tour
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